Order a Bodyshell

As time permits (which isn’t often these days!) we offer our services to anyone interested in having a custom painted body made for them. You can see some examples of these bodies at the top of this page!

If you want to order a customized body contact me if you’re interested: polepositionrc at gmail.com

Please note that the time scale can be weeks or months, depending on how busy we are with other work, which includes designing awesome new clothing for you! (Do you know about the Pole Position RC web shop?)

Prices See below for guide prices* for painting various types of bodies:

  • 1/18th, 1/12th scale on-road, 1/10th Buggy: £20+
  • 1/8th buggy, Mini, Touring Car, Scaler Truck: £25+
  • Monster Truck or ‘Super Size’ car: £30+
  • Large Scale Buggy (HPI Baja, etc.): £40+
  • Large Scale Touring Car: £75-100

*’guide prices’ mean these costs are only estimates, the cost can go much higher if you want very specific details or time-consuming work done on the body

Pole Position RC can: 

  • order/buy the bodyshell for you
  • cut out the body (lower lines, wheel openings, wing parts – any or all) and/or drill body mounting holes
  • mount the wing
  • paint window lines, headlights, tail lights, grilles & vents
  • add stickers of lights, grilles & window lines (if supplied with bodyshell)
  • add stickers or decals that come with the body or RC kit
  • tint the windows
  • give you a completely ‘fresh’, custom scheme (and we won’t paint that exact scheme for anyone else – it will be YOURS and yours alone)
  • copy a racing scheme you used to have or replicate a famous racer’s scheme (to the best of our ability and your budget)
  • offer you volume discounts for multiple bodyshells
  • post the body to you

Please note that some of these are additional-cost services. The more complex the paint scheme and the more time it takes to complete, the more the cost will be, just like anything else 🙂

Contact Me! To buy or customize a body for yourself or a friend, drop us an email: polepositionrc at gmail.com